Transferring to PACFA?

Please note that this form is for those who are already registered with PACFA.

If you have not previously been registered with PACFA you should have received a letter from Maria Brett, CEO, PACFA inviting you to make an application at a reduced rate before 30th June, 2017.

If you are applying to transfer to Individual Membership with PACFA, please do so early to enable PACFA time to process all applications. The final cut-off date to transfer is 30 June 2017.

Transfer Application Form (.doc, downloads)

Transfer Application Form (pdf, opens on screen)

Please note:  This post previously gave the closing date as 31st March, 2017.  PACFA have asked us to amend it to 30th June, 2017.

One thought on “Transferring to PACFA?

  1. Leila has just emailed to tell me that the link to the form isn’t working. There are two weird things to this link, (1) you have to click on the post to get into the live link, and (2) when you click on the link it does not open the file, rather it downloads it to your download folder. On a Mac that folder is called ‘Downloads’, I’m not sure how it happens with a PC. Could others that have tried this tell me if they are having trouble or if this information is sufficient. Liz

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