Changes to the GANZ Constitution

Leila Davis, President of GANZ, has recently written to members outlining the proposed changes to our constitution. These changes are to support the reorganisation of GANZ.  We know from informal feedback that some members have strong views about the proposed changes and so we are setting up this blog as a forum for discussion.  We invite you to share your thoughts with the community in this space.  Scroll down the page to find the comments box.

4 thoughts on “Changes to the GANZ Constitution

  1. I’m opening up discussion to set the ball rolling. Having been on Council during this period of transition, I’ve seen the hard work that has gone into making the changes happen. I’m happy with the changes to the constitution and will be voting to accept it at the upcoming Special Meeting. Liz

  2. Hello GANZ Council and Members. I have been searching for the draft constitution that we will be voting on next week, but can’t find it. I also cant find the current constitution on the website. How are we to be adequately informed before we vote at the SGM? Also needing proxy forms for people who can’t attend.

  3. Hi Liz, please disregard previous post, as I found the draft eventually. I have some suggestions for the code of conduct appendix, and a question about why we would not have an associate membership category for interested members of the public who are not trained Gestalt therapists,or in training. My reasoning is that we open GANZ up, under the draft constitution, to be led by people who have never had any training in GT. Is this ok??? I think it’s important to be upholding the integrity of GT and the history and development of Training and Standards by priveledging members who are trained or in training over any person who has a vague interest in GT.

    • Hi Kath, thanks for your post. I wonder if perhaps you could outline your thoughts about the code of conduct so that others can respond. I don’t think we ever considered that the Council might end up in the hands of those who do no have any training in Gestalt. It is a valid question. We could certainly alter the constitution to rectify this if others feel the same. I wonder what other members feel about this. Liz

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