Invitation to a Social Event for the Sydney/NSW Community from Zan

Dear Colleages

I hope this email finds you well.

I am writing to you to let you know that on Thursday 13 July, GANZ is organizing an informal get-together for the Sydney/NSW community to discuss the impending changes to GANZ after 30 June and, more importantly, the potential these changes bring with them for a revitalised gestalt community that meets nationally and regionally. I think there is so much potential for GANZ to be so much more of a hub for learning, practice and socializing, but it takes allof us putting our minds to that potential and envisioning it together.

I have got together with a few other gestalt practitioners to try to promote new engagement with GANZ in the future.  These include Declan Brady (SGI Graduate, Gloo Participant and past Terrigal Institute Trainer), John Gordon (SGI Graduate, Gloo Participant and Practitioner), Mandy Hill (GTS Graduate, Gloo Participant, Practitioner, GANZ NSW PD Organiser) and Trish Darke (GTS Graduate, Practitioner, GANZ NSW PD Organiser). We are all reaching individually and collectively toward as many former/current and “thinking-about-it” members of the GANZ community to encourage them to come along on 13 July to see what momentum we can build for the future of GANZ.

So far, we have had a heartening response from several faces that have been missing from the community for some time.

Please will you join us and encourage others too?

The invitation is attached.



Susanna Goodrich
GANZ Council Member and Passionate About GANZ’s Future