The new council was sworn in at the Annual General Meeting of GANZ on the 8th of October, 2016.  It will be a caretaker council operating under the current constitution until 30th June, 2017.  We have to say goodbye to Kath McCarthy, Eva Deligiannis, Trevor Good, Phoebe Riches, Greer White and Leanne O’Shea. These council members will be missed by us all.

img_1186Leila Davis
My gestalt journey started 10 years ago, with a Masters in Gestalt Therapy at GT Brisbane. Since then I have been walking two paths in my professional life as a GP and a Gestalt Therapist. My goal has been to see these paths converge and in my role of GANZ president I hope to facilitate this process of gestalt becoming more mainstream. It is an honour and a challenge to serve the community in this way, and I am passionate about elevating the status of gestalt theory and practice in Australia and New Zealand. I believe we can create a rich gestalt world here. I will be developing international ties for GANZ through the EAGT and the AAGT, and am certain that this will provide fertile ground for all of us as practitioners of gestalt.

Trish Landsberger

Madeline Fogarty
dave-for-bioDavid Murray
Assistant Treasurer
I’ve always been a seeker for deeper truths and after a disenchantment with “conventional” psychology I discovered Gestalt Therapy in 2006 and trained in Brisbane. I’m now almost retired from an engineering career and have no yearning to be a one-on-one therapist. Instead my passion is group facilitation which I mainly do for  a not-for-profit which supports men , some of whom are in distress and all of whom have a need for more connection than they are getting from their current lives. Behind this is my closet anarchist peeking out: wanting to undermine the divisive, exploitive demeaning aspects of the dominating culture in which we live. GANZ means a lot to me: it’s the standard bearer for Gestalt Therapy which I want to see expanded into the wider community and taking its rightful place as a potent tool for personal development and a better way of viewing the human condition.


Carolyn Choy
Membership and Professional Development Chair
Being another Aussie drawn to new experiences, I moved to the UK as a Unix systems administrator returning 14 years later as a Gestalt psychotherapist. Wanting to find a career I felt passionate about, it was in London back in 2007 that I first began my transition from IT into the field of counselling and psychotherapy. My Gestalt training at the Metanoia Institute in London, while very challenging and rigourous, was also extremely rewarding. Having met and worked with some extraordinary colleagues, I have always found kindness, support and inspiration through those whom I consider my UK Gestalt family. As the GANZ Membership and Professional Development Chair, I hope to create a greater connection and network of support with those in the Australian and New Zealand Gestalt community and to share the experience of growth using the Gestalt approach through my Sydney-based practice.

LizElizabeth Denton
International Liaison
I trained as a Counsellor at Curtin University in WA. At the same time I began training at the Gestalt Training Institute of West Australia. I did part of my time at the Gestalt Institute of New Zealand.  I now run a private practice in Queenstown, New Zealand.  As the International Liaison member of Council, my role is to represent New Zealand members of GANZ. I am keen to hear from New Zealand gestalt therapists.  It is my hope that we can maintain a strong sense of community and find ways to stay in touch with one another through our shared interest in gestalt therapy.  I am interested in the common threads that bind psychology, psychotherapy and counselling. I have great hopes that advances in these connected fields will find us moving towards a new synthesis in theory and practice.

2450b066-a0c2-408c-a1f1-fa22c926ac79Susanna Goodrich
Ethics Chair
It is a privilege and a pleasure to be involved in the GANZ Council in this exciting phase of its development. We recently celebrated 20 years since the foundation of GANZ and all the hard work, perseverance and creativity various Council members have bought to their stewardship over two decades. I am excited about the forming vision and possibilities for GANZ in the future and see great opportunities for community, learning and collaboration amongst people interested in the practice and wider application of the Gestalt approach. I hope to bring my 15 years of experience as a trainer, supervisor, practicing Gestalt therapist and GANZ community member to that process.

Claire Taubert
Community Liaison Chair

Communications Chair – Vacant

Training and Accreditation Standards Chair – Vacant