Gestalt Australia and New Zealand (GANZ) is a Professional Association representing Gestalt practitioners in the region. The Association was formed in 1996.  It began as a collaborative initiative between Gestalt training centres in Australia and New Zealand with the aim of creating a sense of community and developing consistent training standards.  GANZ carries out the following activities:

  • Acts as the professional body for Gestalt therapists and organisational practitioners
  • Accredits Gestalt psychotherapy training programs jointly with PACFA, some centres also have higher education accreditation
  • Organises an International Conference every two years
  • Produces a peer reviewed Journal (GJANZ) twice a year
  • Disseminates an on-line newsletter
  • Attempts by its activities to develop the local Gestalt community
  • Supports the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) in negotiating a more prominent place for psychotherapy in the field of mental health in Australia

The Objects of the Association are (a) the study and advancement of Gestalt therapy, (b) its furtherance as a distinct speciality based on psychology, and (c) the advancement of the philosophy, theory and research of the Gestalt approach, its therapeutic practice, and broader applications for human and environmental well-being. Without limiting the generality of the above the Objects include the following:

  • The publication and dissemination of such information pertaining to Gestalt therapy as may be thought desirable to members and to the public
  • The holding of regular meetings of the members of the Association
  • The encouragement of the improvement of the professional standards by the continued education of all members
  • The encouragement of desirable standards of training and opportunities for professionals working on the field in Australia and New Zealand
  • The allotment of money out of the funds of the Association for the promotion of the Gestalt therapy approach in such a manner as may be determined from time to time
  • The affiliation with suitability recognised national and international Societies, Associations and other agencies
  • The co-operation with other agencies including Government departments
  • The carrying out of such other things that are conducive to the attainment of the above objects

Click here for a copy of the constitution.