New Membership Enquiries

GANZ is working hard to provide a new infrastructure for the changes that are happening within the organisation.  Membership will be handled through a new website which is currently under construction.  It is envisaged that this will be ready by the beginning of July, 2017.  New membership applications are being held over until this time.  Please let us know of your interest at the above email address so that we can let you know when we are ready to process new membership applications.

For membership enquiries please contact Carolyn Choy, the Membership Chair by emailing:


Membership information relevant to June 2017

The information below applies to membership to the end of June 2017.  After this time GANZ will cease to operate as a professional association and the benefits of membership will focus on professional development, collegial activities, and the promotion of Gestalt within the region.

The emerging profession of counselling and psychotherapy has encouraged the formation of professional associations. These associations assist their members to navigate the complex developments related to registration, accountability and recognition. Membership of GANZ ensures that your interests are represented by members of the GANZ Council in all the key decision making forums. As a benefit of membership you have a voice in the wider counselling and psychotherapy community.

Membership of GANZ encourages the development of a professional identity within the counselling and psychotherapy field generally, and connections within the gestalt community specifically. Members of GANZ are part of a dynamic bi-national community, which links in with the broader international community of Gestalt practitioners. As a benefit of membership you have the possibility of associating with likeminded colleagues who share in common your specific practice modality.

Membership fees support the activities of the GANZ Council and its offices in Australia and New Zealand.  Council members give their time voluntarily and are only reimbursed for the minimum costs of annual face-to-face meetings.  As a benefit of membership you have a council that meets regularly to oversee the good governance of the Gestalt in Australia and New Zealand and foster the development of the Gestalt community.

Annual membership fees entitle members to a range of practical benefits.

These include:

  1. Two issues of the Gestalt Journal of Australia and New Zealand per annum.
  2. Copies of “GANZConnect”, the GANZ Community E- Newsletter
  3. Discounts at GANZ events, including workshops, social events, and conferences
  4. A biennial GANZ International Gestalt Conference
  5. Access to a well governed and equitable complaints process (should the member be subject to a complaint) that is informed by the GANZ Code of Ethics and Grievance Procedures Process
  6. Recognised professional development activities by GANZ approved training providers
  7. Access to the GANZ Council members